Monday, June 24, 2019

2-Year Anniversary For The Church In San Francisco!

Congregation and visiting villages to celebrate 2-year anniversary with San Francisco
     The 2-year church anniversary of San Francisco proved to be quite an exciting event over the couple of days that it was held.  It was well attended by the congregation and neighboring villages but also by people that truly surprised us.
     There are only seven families in San Francisco and five of them make up most of the congregation of the church along with some families or family members from neighboring villages who consider this their spiritual home as well.  Since this is an Assembly of God church we invited the Regional Director and the Regional Secretary to join us in this very important occasion and they graciously agreed to come.  Both pastors shared messages during our time together and performed water baptisms for four new believers, baby dedications and finally, the church dedication.

One of four new Christians being baptized into Christ
     Of the seven families that make up the village of San Francisco only two families are not part of the church since they hold strongly to a different doctrine.  Even though these families are extended members of the other five there is now a very distinct doctrinal difference between them.  Five of the families have chosen to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior and two have not.  The distinctions, as observed by the mother of one of the two non-Christian families, was that the five Christian families do not drink, fight or have severe sickness among them.  
     As a result of a drastic life-style change since Jesus became Lord of their lives, the five families have repeatedly invited the other two to join them in the church services, prayer for personal needs or Bible discussions.  They have continued to love and communicate with them as much as possible and one by one the "ice" began to melt until some have also chosen to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.  Unfortunately this was met by some resistance by those who still hold to their doctrinal beliefs.  
     One man in particular, Bartolome, had been very strongly against the Christians and when he heard that some of his extended family had become Christians and now wanted to get water baptized as such he was not in agreement with this.  However, during the last night of anniversary celebration once again some of his Christian extended family members invited him and his sister to join them in one of the church services and this time he accepted!  He came but only stood at the door and would not go in but after some coaxing he finally came in, sat down and listened to the pastor.  At the end of his message Pastor Nicolas gave an invitation for anyone who did not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to come up to pray and Bartolome went up and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!!  This is an incredible answer to prayer by the five families that have been reaching out to the other two.  Gloriously God is moving on these hearts and lives, hallelujah!!

Four new believers having been water baptized into Christ Jesus
     The four people that were water baptized had accepted Jesus only a day or two before the anniversary celebration began.  The small man on the far right (blue tee-shirt) named Secundo Mauricio, and his wife (not pictured) had been very opposed to Christianity and followed the typical customs of a non-Christian life style which included regular drinking.  He is part of a neighboring village called New Jerusalem where a second church plant had begun but he chose not to be a part of it.  The Lord touched his heart mainly through visits from the Christians of San Francisco and now he is a brother in Christ! It was incredible for me to see this man at the church services because I've only ever seen him intoxicated in his home.  Now his attitude is completely changed and is experiencing a renewed life.
     The young man standing next to him named Jefferson, is the son of the village school teacher who was very sick during the celebration due to drinking most of his life.  Jefferson's parents were also of a different doctrine and initially when they came to San Francisco in March were quite guarded when they realized this was a Christian church and that Maria and I were missionaries.  Over time however, Jefferson wanted more of his understanding of God than what he knew at that point and made the bold decision to accept Jesus as Lord and be water baptized.
Jefferson's father sitting in the boat ready to be transported to a hospital
     In the meantime his father who had by now damaged his liver and kidneys due to excessive drinking had a protruded stomach and could barely walk.  He felt like he was dying.  Although he needed immediate medical attention he was refusing help.  Fortunately, he was visited at different times throughout the second day of the celebration by the two village pastors and Nilton, who is a pastor-in-training to speak to him about the Lord.  Later Nilton asked several of us to pray two times for healing and finally he agreed to pray and ask the Lord to forgive him of his sins followed by asking Him to be Lord of his life.  Even though I had the privilege of praying with him it is hard to tell if his heart was sincere.  That, of course, is up to the Lord to determine.  We had gotten word through Nilton that he was in stable condition and was in the Yurimaguas hospital.  Please pray with me that he will continue in his commitment to Christ.
     The last two of the four that were baptized are a married couple that the father's teenaged son led them to the Lord just days before.  His son Edúco, had been with the Lord but then fell away.  When he came back though it was full measure and has been on fire ever since.  He spoke to his father and step-mother about the Lord and they both accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as well and wanted to be water baptized.
     This family lives with their extended family members who are not Christians and in fact, Edúco's grandfather is a witchdoctor.
     I am sharing the stories of all these people with you to encourage you in your prayer and intercession for us as we continue in this work but especially for the church of San Francisco whom God is using to reach family after family with His saving grace.  The fight is strong and there is a lot of resistance and temptations to go back to the world but the Lord is bigger than these and can shine brighter than any darkness.  One of the struggles is the lack of ability to read and understand the Biblical concepts and then have regular contact with Christians.  They have to make the effort to travel on the river to meet together and be encouraged and spiritually supported.  Fortunately they do not live far from each other but it is a matter of committing to do it.
     These are our new brothers and sisters and need our continued prayer for stability and growth in the Lord.  Please join with me to pray for their relationship with the Lord.  May the Lord bless you always in all you do and thank you so very much for standing with us.

Sharon Malcolm
Missionary with
Go To Nations since 1998

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Major Earthquake Shakes Peru

     At about 2:30 am on Sunday morning an 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit north-central Peru.  Yurimaguas, a population of about 62,000 people and the town that I live in, had considerable damage to several buildings and homes.  The quake struck 68 miles below the earth's surface according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) which thankfully, prevented more damage, injuries and deaths even though it was a major quake.

Severe damage done to several large buildings in Yurimaguas

     Fortunately, my house nor my dog Angelina, were not affected by the quake (although the house-sitter said she ran under the bed when it happened).  Maria and I were in a village community when it hit and were sleeping under mosquito nets in a house made of tree logs and a thatched roof.  Typically these village houses are not held together with nails but rather with twine taken from tree bark and usually do not have walls.  So when the quake hit everything shook and shook strongly for about 2 minutes.  Miraculously there was no major damage to most of these houses or to anyone in the houses except for one house that collapsed leaving no injuries.
     Our plan for this river trip was to visit four villages on the Nucuray River, which is about 16 hours by boat from Yurimaguas.  We wanted to encourage the believers in the only two churches on this river as well as present the Gospel to the non-believers in some of the other villages.  The quake gave us a wonderful opportunity to make the point that anything could happen at any time and that we all must be ready to meet our Lord at a moment's notice.  We were able to pray with several people to accept the Lord and several more to rededicate their lives to Him afresh.  It was a very encouraging trip and we were able to see the Lord move on many people to bring new life to their souls.

     While seeing the responses of the people was a huge blessing and an honor I feel I need to explain the struggles that many of these village churches experience.  For instance, the church in the village of Progreso, which is one of the only two churches on the Nucuray River, was said to be the stronger of the two.  However, over time one by one of the congregants fell away from the faith until finally Bartilome, the pastor, also fell away.  When this happened the few believers that were left felt betrayed and abandoned including one of elders of the church named Emerson, and so he also fell away.  Maria and I visited this village with the pastor of the other church to encourage both Bartilome and Emerson individually.
     We learned from Bartilome that there were so many rumors being spread about his conduct that were not true that he became overwhelmed and frustrated because he could not clear his name and therefore felt that he no longer wanted to be part of the church or in service to God.  Unfortunately, when he separated himself from the church he started drinking to cope with these struggles.
     By the time we met with him he had already received two visits from the senior pastor over him who encouraged him and set him on a path of recovery and accountability.  He shared with us that he could never leave his relationship with the Lord, just the relationship with His people.

The church in Progreso with Sharon sharing a message
     After sharing and encouraging both Bartilome and Emerson we had a church service in Bartilome's church and gloriously many people came out for it.  Even Bartilome himself!  The temporary pastor who was taking Bartilome's place, shared openly with the congregation how he too fell away from the faith but after prayer, repentance and encourgement was restored and was now asking the congregation for forgiveness.  It was done so humbly and sincerely that you couldn't help but just want to hug this young man for his vulnerability.  It set the tone for the message which led to a salvation call and an opportunity to rededicate one's life to the Lord.  Several people responded including Bartilome!  This was a huge step for him to demonstrate his own vulnerability to his congregation and I pray that they will fully receive him back with open arms.
     I share this with you to encourage you to please keep these village pastors and leaders in prayer for strength and wisdom so that when trials like this come they will use the resources available, namely other pastors or church leaders, to walk through it without falling.
     Malicious gossip is rampant in the villages and can destroy someone's character in an instant.  We just had a case like this in our first church plant of San Francisco where Nilton, the pastor-in-training was accused of sleeping with a 12-year-old girl.  The story soon lost its validity when the truth became known but not before causing much discussion among several neighboring villages.  Fortunately, Nilton held his ground and his faith and allowed the Lord to reveal the truth, which He did and was quickly resolved.
     I want to thank all of you so very much for standing with us in prayer for this work and for our protection at every level.  By God's grace we will finish the task He has given us to do and see His glory as a result of it.  I pray the Lord's blessing on each of you as you read this and encourage you in the faith to keep striving for the greater things of the Lord.  There are so many lives that still need to be reached for the Gospel let us seek the Lord together on how to do this in the most effective way.

Standing With You in Faith,
Sharon Malcolm
Missionary with 
Go To Nations since 1998

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Successful 3-Day Training

      The 3-day training for our Shawi Indian communities on prayer and worship went very well.  My sister Susan taught the afternoon sessions and the worship leader of my local church in Peru, Mark, taught the morning sessions.  Both presented their material in a way that was very appropriate and therefore everyone was receiving a much clearer understanding of what it is to worship and why.  The concepts were new for most who attended and so it stretched them to understand and accept what was being taught.
     While Mark taught on the practical concepts of what music is and how the notes can actually cause an emotional response from the hearer, positive or negative, Susan taught on how to worship using flags, veils and even sign language as a means of expression to honor and exalt our God.  She also taught on how to pray using Scripture, decrees and declarations within our God-given authority in Christ to intercede for others and for ourselves.
     It was a very rich time of instruction by two facilitators who are passionate about their areas of expertise and I am so very grateful that they both were able to share their hearts with our Shawis.  I want to thank all of you so very much for praying for this very important training!

Susan teaching sign language as a form of worship
Susan teaching about worship with Sharon translating

Mark, the worship leader at my local church, teaching on worship at 3-day training.

Evangelistic Outreach in Progreso

Evangelistic outreach in the village of Progreso
     We had the opportunity to do an evangelistic outreach in the village of Progreso, which is at the mouth of the Shishinahua River where Maria and I go on a regular basis to minister to the Shawi Indians.  This is a Spanish village with no church and almost no understanding of who Jesus is or what He did for us on the cross.  We took the opportunity to explain salvation through the personal testimony of my sister Susan's conversion to Christianity, Maria's explanation of the fall of Adam and Eve and my explanation of the substitutionary work of the cross through Jesus Christ.  The glorious result was that everyone in the room prayed to ask Jesus to come into their lives as Lord and Savior!

Maria explaining the fall of Adam and Eve

Sharon explaining how Jesus took all of our sin on Himself
and in exchange gave us His holy and perfect life.

     The last picture above is the people of Progreso praying to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and we will continue our visits with them to disciple and train up leaders to minister to the new believers.  Once again I want to thank you so very much for standing with us in prayer for the salvation of these souls and for the transformed lives of the people that attended the 3-day training.  Together we are reaching the lost and training up the believers to be used mightily by the Lord!  May God richly bless you in all that you do for the Kingdom and for this work.

Forever In Christ,
Sharon Malcolm
Missionary with
Go To Nations since 1998

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter Outreach

Dear Intercessors,

            I am so happy to share with you that our Easter outreach to the four villages went very well.  The first answered prayer was that some of the women from San Francisco (our first church plant) came with us to the outreaches.  This is so important because the women must realize their part in reaching the lost for Christ.  Generally women do not talk to men (except possibly their husbands) about their personal issues but they will talk to other women.  This is why it is so vital for the Shawi believing women to reach out to the Shawi unbelieving women in these communities.  The more they make themselves available by spending time with them the more the women of the other communities will open up and have the chance to hear the Gospel.
            Our next answered prayer was that through the use of visual aids and the Jesus film the people gained a much clearer understanding of what Jesus did for them when He died on the cross and rose again on the third day.  In the village of San Pablo several of the people were hearing this for the first time.
Sharon explaining original sin and Lord's
redemptive work on the cross.
Sharon explaining Jesus taking our sin upon
Himself and giving us His life instead.
The goal in presenting the Gospel message in this way was also to show the people of San Francisco how to do it for the other villages we were to visit so that they are the ones who are doing the evangelism and not Maria and I.

Nilton and his brother-in-law Jilton ministering in worship
with Maria playing the guitar.  Both men did their part in the
presentation of the Gospel to the communities.
Nilton, pastor-in-training of San Francisco, presenting the Gospel
to the village of Esperanza.
            The results of these outreaches were the people of San Pablo hearing the Gospel for the first time, all of the people who heard the message in Esperanza rededicating their lives to Christ and the people of San Francisco fully participating in presenting the Gospel to their neighboring villages.                    These are very significant answers to prayer and I want to thank you all so very much for your part in bringing this about.  I feel confident that these villages will become established born-again believers in Christ just as San Francisco is.  Already Jilton and Nilton are going out to other villages when possible and are sharing their faith with those they are in contact with.  This is what our ministry among them is all about; training the village believers to be the evangelists, pastors and church-planters.  I am so very encouraged and very proud of the leaders of San Francisco for taking ownership of this event.
            May the Lord bless each of you mightily through the many ways you support this work.  I am so blessed to partner with you in this.

Sharon Malcolm
Missionary with
Go To Nations since 1998

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Carnival on the Shishinahua River

People celebrating Carnival by dancing around the "tree"
while playing musical instruments.

             Our last trip to visit the communities of the Shishinahua River proved to be a very interesting one.  It seems that we arrived just in time to see some of the families celebrate a national holiday called Carnival.  This holiday is celebrated not only in Peru but in all of Latin America and has its roots in Catholicism mixed with each area’s pagan traditions.  It is typically a party lasting several days but accentuated with the costumes, traditional dancing and musical instruments of the local indigenous groups.  Common to all celebrations is the Yunsa or Unsha, which is a tree planted or set up with presents on it.  People would dance around it while playing musical instruments (usually drums and flutes) until the last day of the celebration where the tree would be knocked down and the presents snatched by the participants of the celebration.
The Yunsa or Unsha tree decorated with gifts

Antonio and his wife Magnolia dressed in their traditional outfits
to celebrate Carnival.  They are painted with red and black dye
as part of the tradition.  Antonio is the steward or organizer of the event.
            In the village of San Francisco where our first church plant is, five of the seven families are Christian and so did not participate in the celebrations but two of the families, who are not Christian, did.  The celebration is intended to be the last hurray before Lent and is basically the Mardi Gras of Latin America.
             Usually when this or any other event is celebrated in a community it is not without fermented yucca which is a root plant that is boiled, mashed and let to sit for 3 days until it is fermented equal to alcohol.  Often when the whole village participates in getting drunk on the yucca there is clearly a very dark presence and someone inevitability starts a fight sometimes causing a lasting feud between families.
              During this event however, none of the Christian families participated in the celebration and Magnolia, Antonio's wife, actually commented to Nilton, who one of the church leaders, about it.  She noticed that none of the Christian families seemed to get sick like the non-Christian families do nor do any of them drink or get into fights.  Nilton had the opportunity to then explain why this was so and told her about the saving power of Jesus Christ!  Later, Nilton's brother and I went to Magnolia's house and shared the salvation message with her and her children starting with Adam and Eve which later led her to pray with us to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  While she had prayed with us before to do this something in this presentation of the Gospel seemed to "click" which is why she wanted to pray again.  I am so overjoyed that the witness of these Christian families is so obvious that the non-Christian families of this and other communities could not help but take notice.  
This is such a powerful testimony of the work of the Holy Spirit that transforms whole communities.  Our prayer has been that these families and communities will also experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and live in harmony with each other and in the fullness of the Lord.

Adult Literacy for Two Communities!
Sharon teaching two of the students their letters
Adult literacy class learning to write their letters

                 Another great thing that happened on this trip was the start of adult literacy classes in the villages of San Francisco and New Jerusalem.  This is so very important so that they are able to read and understand things when they come into Yurimaguas but mostly so that they can read and understand the Bible.  The Word can be opened to them in a powerful way if they are able to read it themselves and allow the Holy Spirit to touch their lives through the written Word of God.
                 Would you pray with me for these precious ones that are learning to come into the world of literacy that they will have a passion for it and set their minds to grasp and use what is learned.  
                 Also, would you stand with me in intercession for the village of San Francisco so that they would hold fast to their profession of faith and walk firmly and boldly in what the Lord has given them.  There are many temptations in the villages and many, many opportunities to be the victim of malicious rumors that could tear down a Godly witness and destroy someone's character.  Let's stand in agreement with our brothers and sisters for protection at every level and that they will recognize and yield to the gentle correction of the Holy Spirit when needed.
                    May the Lord bless you in all that you are doing for the Kingdom and thank you so very much for all the ways you support this work.  God sees and takes note!

Together in The Harvest,
Sharon Malcolm
Missionary to Peru with 
Go To Nations since 1998

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I just got back from the river yesterday and I am so excited to share with you that all of our prayers were gloriously answered!

Together we prayed that the Bible Institute course on Divine Healing would penetrate the minds and hearts of the people that attended so that they can move with confidence in their authority to pray for the sick.  The result of our prayers was:

Jilton, one of the men from the Bible Institute, had a headache for days and "tormenting thoughts" but after praying for him he was gloriously set free!  When I asked him how he was the next day he said "calmer".  Thank you Lord!

Next was a woman from a neighboring village who could not move her arm higher than shoulder level due to extreme pain.  After we prayed for her and I asked her how she felt she said, "better" and shot her arm straight up above her head with no pain and no restrictions!  Thank you Lord again!

Lastly, the wife of one of the men in the Bible Institute, had terrible pain in her left leg and restricted movement in her right hand.  After we prayed for her she was able to move her leg with no pain and was able to open and close her hand with almost no restraint!

Besides these healings after the evening church service a woman in the congregation asked for prayer for pain in her stomach and after prayer she also was completely healed, glory to God!  The reason these are so important is not only for the obvious release of the people's discomfort but also for the visible evidence of healings for the Bible Institute students.  They must see that their prayer of faith is forceful when praying for healing.

The next prayer that was answered was the effective presentation of the Gospel to those who have not yet heard and for the understanding of the Bible lessons for those who have heard so they can walk strongly in their commitment to Christ.

This happened as we visited the village of Saint Paul to share the Word of God with an older couple and their three grandchildren, one of which was a 14-year-old mother with a one-year-old girl.  After briefly explaining salvation to all of them they prayed with us to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!  We will be going back to this village to disciple the new believers and also invite other families who have not yet heard the Gospel to join us in studying the Word of God.  This again comes as a result of our combined prayer and intercession for the people of the Shishinahua River.

Antonia, Herman's wife, wearing her traditional Shawi dress. 
All of the necklaces, head and hair dress and skirt are all hand made.

Along with this, a very significant thing happened as we shared the Word of God to the new believers of our second church plant of New Jerusalem.  The village leader named Herman, is a witch doctor, and has heard some teaching on how demonic oppression can result with such involvement, not to mention how offensive it is to the Lord and so he decided to lay down all of his witch doctor practices and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  Understandably this is a big commitment and so he has not done so yet.  However, on our visit to this village I had the opportunity to share with the community how dangerous these practices are not only for the one doing it but also for the ones receiving it.  Since it is a common practice for parents to bring their young children and babies to witch doctors for healing as well as going themselves it creates open doors for the enemy to come in and cause problems.

We then offered the opportunity for everyone who has had any kind of involvement with witchcraft to come forward to renounce all such dealings, ask the Lord's forgiveness and fully repent of any further involvement and everyone participated, even Herman.  Ironically Herman's wife Antonia was the first one to respond!  Afterward, I strongly suggested that they go through their house and burn anything that had to do with witch doctor practices, no matter how much it costs, as per the incident in Ephesus in the book of Acts, in order to completely separate themselves from it.  This was a glorious step toward full cleansing and on our next visit in two weeks we will address this again.

I can't thank you enough for your diligent prayers for this work and your faithfulness to stand with us in taking these grounds for the Kingdom of God.  This is faith in action!

The last prayer point was for clear whether as we traveled so that the rain would not hinder us from getting to the villages or the people from attending the meetings.  By the Lord's grace there was only rain when we were in class during the Bible Institute but not while traveling to the villages or conducting the meetings!  Thank you Lord!

The village of Progreso at the mouth of the Shishinahua River.
Under all of the water in the foreground is the land the village sits on.
Until the water recedes the people have to use canoes to go from house to house.
Because of the intensity of rain that we've been having over the past several months there has been a great deal of damage due to flooding and landslides in various places.  Accidents and deaths have occurred because of this but praise God, nothing like this has happened to us!  Although this is our rainy season the rain has been unusually severe causing great soil erosion which results in massive flooding as seen in the picture above.
I was eager to share this update with you so that you know how vital your prayers are for this work and how the Lord is using you through them.  Together we are reaching souls for the Kingdom and changing lives.  May the Lord bless you in every way for your faithfulness to Him.

Together With You in The Harvest,
Sharon Malcolm
Missionary to Peru with Go To Nations

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Two Glorious Teaching Events

I want to thank everyone who stood in prayer for us during the two teaching events to minister to the Shawi Indians and to the Ashenika Indians respectively. Both conferences went very well and both had a very good turn out.

First Conference with the Shawi

L-R: Pastor Jim, BJ translating into Spanish and Pastor Alberto translating into Shawi.
Shawis and team members listening attentively to the teaching
I especially want to thank Jim Bethany and his team from Richland Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia for coming to minister to the Shawis through teaching on the subject of deliverance from demonic oppression. It was a much needed teaching followed by much needed prayer. Each night the team of 12 people divided into groups of three or four and prayed for everyone that wanted ministry. I am so blessed to say that although Shawis are typically very shy about stepping forward, in this instance everyone that attended came forward to receive prayer.

One man in particular named Herman, who came with his family to attend the conference, also came forward for prayer. What made this so special was that Herman is a witch doctor and is not a Christian yet. His wife was not a Christian either but she also came forward to receive prayer and then received Jesus as her Lord and Savior!  Herman is the Apu or spiritual leader of his village named New Jerusalem, which is made up of his children and their families.

I mentioned in a prior news letter that Nilton, who is training to be the pastor of our first church plant of San Francisco, visited this village several times to talk to them about the Lord. Later he and some others from the church of San Francisco also visited to do church services and one by one the families came to know the Lord as their Savior…all except Herman and his wife Antonia.

At Nilton’s request Maria and I visited the village as well to present the Gospel. On one particular visit Antonia told Maria in Shawi through tear-filled eyes how grateful she was that we came to share with her about the Lord because she knew that we both traveled quite a distance from our homes to be with them. Through the continued visits and tons of prayer for this village Antonia’s heart became more and more open to the saving grace of Jesus Christ as her children’s had been and so during the conference she invited Jesus into her life to be the Lord and Savior.

Over time as the families of this village became Christians Nilton asked them if they wanted to form themselves into a church and they heartily agreed and so now we have two churches on the Shishinahua River. This is huge because in the 23 years since San Francisco existed they have never a church in their village and to my knowledge, since I’ve been working on this river from 2007, there has never been a Born Again church on the entire river either.

I tell you this so that you know that your faith in what you are praying for concerning this village has become sight!  Together, as we have been led by the Holy Spirit, we took ground from the enemy and established the Kingdom of God in its place!  This is truly glorious!

Nilton assured me that although Herman did not accept the Lord at the conference he was well on his way since his whole family did and he can see the difference in their lives. He will, of course, have to lay down his practices and submit to God but what a small price to pay to be free forever.

Please join me in continuing to pray for Herman and his small village to grow strong in their faith and understanding of what Jesus did for them and that they will be witnesses to others of what He can do for them as well.

Second Conference with the Askenika

Some of the attendees from the second conference. The man in the red shirt is the pastor with his wife next to him and son squatting in front of him in the Army green shirt.

Maria sharing a powerful experience she had at the end of which every person wanted to rededicate their lives to Christ.

The theme of the second conference, with the Ashenika Indians, was on The Power of Prayer and the turnout was very good. Pastor Gilver invited people from several neighboring villages to attend and thankfully they came. The material is from the Bible institute that my mission, Go To Nations, has developed to train local people to become pastors or church leaders and has been very successful in several countries. This was the course that we just finished in the Bible institute that we are doing for the village of San Francisco and so I thought it would be very useful to do it for this event as well.

Pastor Gilver has a passion to see the neighboring villages of his area saved and walking strongly with the Lord. He has often gone to these nearby communities to share the Gospel and invite them to church and because of this many have accepted the Lord and are growing in their faith. This course on The Power of Prayer fit so easily in what Pastor Gilver is doing among his people because it instructs them how to pray, what happens when they pray and what is their authority to pray. We practiced some of the techniques in the course, such as praying from the Bible, so that everyone can understand the power of the Word and how to use it effectively. It was a very enriching time and I could see that people were really trying to receive from it.

On the second day I asked Maria to share the life-changing experience she had last year where she died and came back to life. There was no medical examiner that could confirm this but according to her family she was not responding and not breathing for an hour. During this time though Maria saw her spirit leave her body and she was able to see it as it was lying there. She said she tried to get back into it but her hands went right through her body.

She eventually was taken on two paths that the Lord describes in the Bible as the wide road, where most people go, and the narrow road where few people go. She was led on the wide road first and heard horrific cries from men, women and children of every nationality from hell begging for help and mercy from the Lord. The young boy that was leading her said that she has family members there, namely her grandparents and aunts, and family members still living that do not know the Lord. He told her that they will come here too if they do not repent.

She was then taken on the narrow road which leads to heaven and it was beautiful with vibrant colors. As she got closer to the “end” of the path which led to the entrance of heaven she saw a brilliant light in front of her but could not see any facial features but she knew it was the Lord. She heard Him say that it was not time for her to come here yet but that she must go back and tell her family that they must repent before it’s too late. She said that the boy then took hold of her shoulders, turned her around to go back and, in an instant, she was back. She woke up to find her family all around her crying and terribly upset. She told them all about what she saw and every one of them rededicated their lives to Christ or accepted Him for the first time. When she told this experience to the people at the conference every person there had the same response as well.

The last day of the conference we prayed strongly for each person and everyone could sense the presence of the Lord. It was a very good time together and we will continue to minister to this area as time permits.

I want to thank you all so much again for your faithful prayers and all the other ways you support this ministry. God is truly moving and transforming people’s lives and we, as the Body of Christ, have the privilege of being a part of it!

Many and Rich Blessings on You,
Sharon Malcolm