Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy 4th Anniversary to the San Francisco Church!


 Evening service to celebrate the anniversary of the church

     June 14, 2021 marked the fourth anniversary of the church of San Francisco and an occasion to be celebrated! During this time the church has gone through trials and even persecutions but has remained faithful to the Lord and, of course, He to them in continuing in their faith. They have been threatened with disassociation from their non-Christian extended family members, judged, and slandered on more than one occasion but the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their lives was too strong to succumb to the pressure. Instead they have taken it upon themselves to go out to the neighboring villages to share their faith, win converts, and even start churches. 

Sharon with some of the attendees of the anniversary celebration

Richar, one of the church leaders and Nilton's brother,
sharing the Word on the last day of the anniversary

Nilton,who feels called to evangelize the neighboring villages,
sharing the Word in an evening service
     One of the churches we have co-labored with them to start is called New Jerusalem. This also is a small community of seven families, all related to each other but they are a bit more challenged than San Francisco. There is only one person who can read well in the community and although he has accepted Christ is battling with staying committed to Him. This means that sometimes he's really good and can preach the Word and other times he is drinking and not following the Lord. The other families also struggle with temptations of the world and the father of the families was a Shaman making the pull of the enemy quite strong in this community. 

     Another village called New Hope has accepted the Lord several times over the years but when it came time to be discipled the interest quickly waned. This is a tactic of the enemy as well as of the flesh but I believe there is a very clear spiritual component working against these communities from coming into the fullness of Christ. In New Hope there are two Shamans, one stronger than the other, that are still quite active. One of them is actually the father-in-law of Nilton. Fairly recently Paula, Nilton's wife, had a dream from the Lord that she was to go to her family in this village and tell them about the love of Christ  and so she and Nilton started doing that. It resulted in several people desiring to come to the Lord and be water baptized, which we did for them on the Easter outreach in their village. Paula's father, however, has not accepted the Lord yet but seems to be softer about hearing the gospel.

    I am sharing all of this with you because I feel the time has come to unite in prayer for these struggling wanna-be believers to break the powers of darkness over their lives and over their villages. Shamanism is very common in the villages and have been such an integral part of the culture for so long that it is not something that can be eradicated easily. Therefore I have asked the men that are preparing to be church leaders in San Francisco if we could meet next weekend, June 25-27, to pray and fast specifically for the village of New Hope and also for New Jerusalem since there seems to be a strong presence working against all of them. Lastly for the two families that are ardently against Christianity in San Francisco. The father was also a Shaman but I'm not sure if he's still practicing. 

Would you stand with us during this weekend to pray:

1) Against every spiritual force working against these precious people that want to be committed Christians.

2) For discernment and the heart of God as we meet together so that we pray very specifically against all that is hindering the work of the Lord.

3) That everything that each of these people have ever heard, felt from God, or seen as an example in any of our lives will be brought to mind so that the Lord can use it to make them aware of His truth, power and presence among them.

4) Wisdom to share the right words with New Hope and New Jerusalem that will convey clearly the heart of God for them.

Thank you so very much for all that you've done to make this work possible through your prayers, love, and support. I pray God's richest blessings will be upon you in all you do for the Kingdom in every way in every day!

Sharon Malcolm

Missionary with Go To Nations since 1998

Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Glorious Easter Season!

     This past Saturday we got back from the Shishinahua River after completing our time in Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) to do an Easter outreach. We had with us a worship leader from one of the local churches in Yurimaguas (where I live) to minister in song and the Word of God. He brought with him his keyboard and amplifier, which was such a blessing because music always draws the people out. He preached at each of the morning and evening services and effectively brought the light of truth to the people. 

Segundo, a worship leader from Yurimaguas, ministering in worship
to the church in San Francisco. Take note of the people engaging in worship 
with dancing and lifted hands. Four years ago that didn't happen.

Segundo ministering in song and later in the Word to the people of New Hope

     During the day I had material for the adults and children to do an art project (none of them get to use glitter, sequence, markers, colored paper, etc.), which gave them a chance to express themselves artistically and they seemed quite satisfied with their masterpieces. We also provided lunch for the whole community (about 50 people) for two days that some women who came from San Francisco prepared for them.
Adults and children doing art project

Women serving lunch to the community

     The whole event was one of celebration and fellowship seasoned with the love of God. I was so impressed with the people of San Francisco (our first church plant) because so many of them came to help in different ways. That is exactly what should happen, men and women from the parent church helping to guide their spiritual children in the ways of the Lord by demonstrating what love looks like. This is "church" in action!
     Gloriously, by the end of our time together we had a baptismal service and 15 people were baptized! This is huge since we've been coming to this village for a few years and no one wanted to commit to the Lord at that level before. Now, they not only wanted to be baptized but they also want to start a church! I had spoken to them about this before and there was some interest but not enough to do anything about it until now.

Nilton teaching boys in New Hope

     Nilton, who is one of the leaders in the San Francisco church, and his wife Paula have been talking to some of the people of New Hope about the Lord because Paula has extended family there and as a result many responded favorably to them to the point where they were ready to make a firmer commitment to the Lord. During their visits to New Hope Nilton brought up again the idea of starting a church in their community and even coordinated with them to construct a building to house them to which they were in full agreement.
     We will be continuing with them by immediately starting discipleship classes and eventually leadership classes to raise up leaders to guide the church in the ways of God while being supervised by San Francisco.
       I want to thank you all so very much for praying with us for this outreach. As a result of our combined efforts people have brought into the Kingdom and are being established in their faith. God bless you in every way for your part in this amazing work! I really mean that, blessings to you and thank you again!

With Much Appreciation,
Sharon Malcolm
Missionary with 
Go To Nations since 1998

Friday, January 1, 2021

Christmas Outreach to the Villages

      I want to thank you so much for standing in prayer with me for this Christmas outreach on the Shishinahua River. We ministered in three villages making hot chocolate and serving panetoni (Spanish Christmas fruitcake), which is very traditional for a Spanish Christmas. Then we did a Christmas art project for children and adults and ended the evening with the movie, The Nativity Story. I was so thrilled to see that most of the adults participated in the adult art project in each of the communities and seemed very happy to do so.

Adult Christmas art project in Tapishica


Children's Christmas art project in Tapishica

     The villages that we ministered in were New Hope, Tapishica, and San Francisco (our first church plant). I had hoped to minister in Santa Rosa and Yarina, where both villages that were once very open to us are now less open, as is Santa Rosa or not open at all as is Yarina. Nilton, who is taking the lead in coordinating contacts with the villages, did not recommend going to these communities since they would not receive us well. Instead he urged us to concentrate on New Hope and Tapishica since these two villages are open to us and Tapishica would be a new work since we had not ministered there before.

Manuela mixing the cacao for the hot chocolate in Tapishica

Manuela (left) and Doli (right) making the hot chocolate in Tapishca

     There are only six families in Tapishica, which is an extension of the larger community of San Pablo, and were very happy to participate in all that we were doing with them. After the hot chocolate, panetonis, and Christmas projects I took the opportunity to explain the movie they were about to see of the birth of Jesus since most did not know it or know it well. As I was explaining it I also highlighted why Jesus was born and what that meant for all of us. Afterwards I offered to lead them in a prayer to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior if they were ready and understood that all of us are sinners and need His salvation. Without hesitation they all immediately agreed and wanted to pray! That is nothing short of the results of our combined intercession for this outreach and I can't tell you how grateful I am to those of you who stood with me in prayer. That is why we do what we do. It's all about bringing people to the Kingdom of God and having them experience a life-changing relationship with the King of kings and Lord of lords.
     We are planning to start discipleship classes with these new believers on my next trip, January 11. This is very encouraging and between Nilton, the two young men from the parent Assembly of God church that San Francisco is a part of, and me we will strengthened and train these brothers and sisters as well as in New Hope while continuing to build up the believers in San Francisco and New Jerusalem.

Sharon helping with the adult art project in San Francisco
(Sharon's white mosquito net is in the background)

     Thank you so very much again for all that so many of you do to support this incredible work. God is moving and is bringing more workers in to shoulder the load and it is truly an answer to prayer. God bless each one of you in every way for this New Year and always for participating in what God is doing in this part of the world. Let's charge forward to seize what God has set before us in this New Year to glorify His name!

In Him Always,
Sharon Malcolm
Missionary with
Go To Nations since 1998

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


The Future Church Leaders of San Francisco

Maria and five village men studying to be church leaders of their communities

     These men and Maria, who travels with me, have been studying for the last three years to complete the Bible institute course requirements to be installed as pastor, assistant pastor, and deacons for their communities. They are nearly finished and the men will receive their credentials under the Assembly of God to operate in the roles they are studying for.  Maria will be under another denomination and so will operate under them. The AOG ordination process is quite lengthy but they can operate as a pastor or church leader until they complete the process.

     I am very proud to say that since they have officially become an Assembly of God church four years ago they have grown tremendously in their knowledge and application of the Bible in their lives, sharing the Gospel, and leading their small congregation in church services. Nilton (the man with his thumb up), who is studying to be the pastor, has been very active in reaching out to neighboring communities with the Gospel and many have responded.

     Just last week while we were together Nilton arranged for us to meet with his wife's family in a near-by village called New Hope in order to present the Gospel and it went miraculously well. His wife Paula's father had been practicing shamanism for quite some time (the ability to contact the spirit world through a trance state and divination for healing and other needs) and was strongly opposed to us as Christians coming to his house to talk about God. He even threatened to throw his grandson out if he did not cease to talk to him about the Lord. Now, he was not only agreeable to hear about the Lord but was willing to have his whole family sit and listen to the Gospel message as well. This may be due to his wife battling with the Covid virus and had to be hospitalized that he, apparently, could not heal. For whatever reason he had a change of heart that even Nilton was surprised at. After the message and prayer for healing as we said our good-byes he actually invited us back!

Nilton sharing the Gospel message

     While this is a huge breakthrough in this family we are still planning a 3-day outreach in November with the rest of the village to encourage those who have accepted he Lord but have not committed to live for Him and to those who have yet to enter into a relationship with Him. This village, like so many others, have people that accept Christ but do not commit to live for Him. It's the parable of the sower in action and so must be dealt with on a spiritual level.

Francisco Jr. preaching in a Sunday morning service

     Another great development is that the more timid members of the Bible institute, Fransciso Jr. (pictured above) and his brother Richar have been actively participating in leading and preaching in the church services for their village. They had not done this before due to the intimidation of public speaking but over the last several months they have really come out of their shell and are sharing confidently, especially Francisco Jr. This is very important because they must be able to minister boldly to those around them if they are to fulfill the call of God on their lives and, praise God they are doing it!

     God is truly on the move through this small but mighty body of believers and will continue to bring them into everything He has called them to. I want to thank each of you so very much for praying for our brothers and sisters in San Francisco, to reach their people with the Gospel. It is truly miraculous to see where they've come from and where they are now. Blessings to each one of you for all that you are doing to make this happen!

Together in the Harvest,
Sharon Malcolm
Missionary with
Go To Nations since 1998

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hallelujah, We’re back in the Saddle!!

I am so happy to report that over the course of four weeks between August and September, we were finally able to make two visits to the villages. We found most people in good health although the virus outbreak has hit every village on the river. Fortunately there are not many elderly, high-risk residents so I don't think there were many casualties. There were however, many people suffering from the symptoms of the virus and some had to be taken to the closest health post and even transported to Lima, the capitol, for extensive treatment. Thankfully Maria and I believe we've had the virus according to the symptoms listed on the internet, and so hopefully built up antibodies in our system to combat any further attack. We have traveled twice so far to an infected area and have not shown any symptoms ourselves, praise God.

Sharon teaching on the birth of Christ at a Christmas outreach

On these visits I was happy to hear that although the people in San Francisco, our first church plant, were not meeting regularly for church services they were meeting in their homes and doing some kind of Bible study with their families. By the time Maria and I made our second visit to the villages the church services had resumed and now all of the five men training to be church leaders were involved in conducting the service. This is a change from even before the pandemic shutdown because only two and sometime three of the men were participating. Nilton, the main leader, has grown richly in his understanding and usage of the Word of God and has a passion to reach a neighboring village named Esperanza, where his wife has some extended family members. His desire is to do an outreach for the community involving children, youth, and adult activities over a two-day period. This is hugely exciting because this is and has been the goal of the Bible institute training we have been doing. It is all about mobilizing the participants to do the work of the Kingdom and this is now bearing fruit.


Nilton standing with Germ├ín, a non-Christian he is reaching with the Gospel (left).
Richar, Nilton's brother, teaching a portion of a Sunday evening message for the first time (right).

Another praise report is a young man named Edwardo from Esperanza, accepted Christ about 2 years ago and has since led his father and step-mother to the Lord. In trying to witness to his grandfather though he was almost kicked out of the house and was very discouraged and even questioned his own faith. After praying for him the Lord miraculously healed him and now his faith has been renewed and he has just recently led his younger brother to the Lord and now wants to disciple him. God is moving on these communities and it is our goal to equip these carriers of the Gospel to go as far as possible to bring people into the Kingdom. Please continue to pray with us to empower them in every way with every available resource to complete what the Lord has given them to do.

We will be going to San Francisco again on September 29 to October 3 to continue in the Bible institute teachings. Please keep us in prayer for these dates as the river water is quite low and travel can be difficult (it took us 12 hours to get in on the first trip). Pray especially for the evangelistic outreach to Esperanza that we will be coordinating on the trip when we are together to be held in October.

Many blessings to you and thank you so very much for all the ways you support this incredible work of the Lord.

Serving With You For The Kingdom,
Sharon Malcolm


Monday, July 6, 2020

Ministry in the Community 6July

The ministry in the village of July 6 on the Nucuray River is progressing very well. Between Maria and I and another ministry we visit the community twice a month bringing the Word of God in the form of teaching and preaching. It just so happened that one of the times that Maria and I were there a pastor and his friend were also visiting July 6 because they were invited by a friend and then felt led by the Holy Spirit to minister to them. I was very happy to meet them and to learn that they are connected with the parent church of the local church that I attend in Yurimaguas. This is hugely comforting to me because we are of the same doctrine and passion to reach the lost for Christ. While we were together, we coordinated to alternate our visits so that the village would receive two visits a month between us about two weeks apart. On the weeks that we are not there they would be responsible for having meetings themselves, which they have been doing. We have arranged it so that the pastor and his co-worker preach during their visit and Maria and I teach during our visit. In this way they are hearing the Word of God and learning how to apply it to their daily lives. It’s a perfect set up! 


Sharon doing children’s ministry in the village of July 6 with songs and Bible lesson 

In the meantime, we are continuing to visit the villages on the Shishinahua River twice a month as much as possible. We will be going to them again this Sunday, March 8 and returning Thursday, March 12 to do the next Bible institute course with the village of San Francisco and visit the neighboring villages to bring the Word of God.

Would you stand in agreement with us for this trip because we are again attempting to establish regular visits for the purpose of discipleship in three villages. While we’ve gone to all of them before several times to present the Gospel and some have accepted Christ it has been hard to get consistency in discipleship. There is quite a lot of spiritual resistance in one form or another and so intercessory prayer is strongly needed. The Lord has been so gracious as we have prayed for open doors to go to them as well as open hearts to receive His love and forgiveness. The break down is that the people don’t want to commit to discipleship, which is vital to walking out their faith.

We will be trying once more on this trip to present the Gospel again and offer disciple classes on a regular basis to help them grow in their faith.

Therefore, would you pray with us for the following points?

  1. That they would be open to receive us and commit to what the Lord wants to do in and for them.
  2. Wisdom from the Lord on how to reach them and how to pray to break the spiritual resistance.
  3. That the Lord would demonstrate His love for them through prayer for healing, blessing and anything else they desire from the Lord.
  4. Safety as we travel and anything else that the Lord puts on your heart.

I want to thank you so very much for standing with us and seeing what the Lord is doing in these communities on these two rivers. There is so much more to do and together we can accomplish all that the Lord has for these people. God bless you each of you in every way and thank you again.

Reaping The Harvest Together,
Sharon Malcolm

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Peru update 28June

Blessings to Everyone as you read this,

I am writing to give you an update on the status of Yurimaguas, the town that I live in, and the ministry to reach the communities for Christ.  I am writing this on June 28 and on June 30 Yurimaguas is scheduled to be open.  The stay-at-home order has been lifted in degrees since my last newsletter in May to where we are now allowed to leave the house at will as long as we wear a mask.  Needless to say this is a huge relief as I’m sure each of you have felt as the restrictions were relaxed in your areas.  I have not heard yet what “being open” will mean as far as river travel or any other travel outside of Yurimaguas since the main city just 2 ½ hours from us is now a hot spot and many of our products in Yurimaguas come from this city. 

I have not heard either if public gatherings in Yurimaguas will be allowed but businesses will be able to function more than before.  We still have the police and military patrolling the area especially around the town square and what was the open-air market.  This has now been delegated to individual stalls that people can rent inside a building instead of having tables set up in the middle of the street as before that attacked huge amounts of people in very close contact with each other.

Peru has a population of 33 million people and since the start of the virus there have been over 279,000 cases and over 9,000 deaths, at least that were reported.  The economy has suffered greatly in that 40% of the country’s economy has dropped since the shut down order was in place.  I can see the affects of this strain even where I live in that many businesses have closed or have reduced their trade to its minimum.  The citizens are receiving support checks from the government much like our stimulus checks that were distributed to help with nation’s livelihood.

I have taken full advantage of the stay-at-home order in that I am taking some online courses to better prepare myself for the work, developing a church planting program through a discipleship method that I learned and am still learning where disciples make disciples (as per the Great Commission), and a radio program to broadcast Bible studies that will reach the rural communities.  All of this is very time consuming but I feel strongly that it must be done in order to reach the lost in the most efficient, most effective way.

The goal is to see the New Testament Church realized in the communities where I work and beyond using the premise of the Great Commission where Jesus said to “go and make disciples”, not converts, who will go and make disciples and those will then go and make disciples, etc.  Where this method has been done it has been very successful and so it is my heart to implement this in the communities of the Shishinahua River.  When we are able to travel safely again this will be first on our agenda.  In the meantime I am hoping to get the radio program up and running as soon as possible.  Between another missionary and I we already have half of the twelve Bible studies recorded and I am working to complete the rest in between the course studies and the preparation for the discipleship program.

I want to thank all of you so very much for joining with me in this effort to spread the Kingdom of God to those who have yet to hear and to those who have yet to commit.  Please continue to stand in faith with me for these new endeavors as the Holy Spirit prepares the hearts and minds of those whom He has appointed for the Kingdom at this time.  Many blessings on you in every way as you serve the Lord in all that you are doing.

Forever in Christ,
Sharon Malcolm